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duminică, 5 august 2012

Lake Titicaca, La Paz and Death Road

Damien and I had made into Bolivia after 2 buses and a 2 and a half wait inbetween. We had arrived in Copacabana which isn't as glamorous as its namesake in Brazil but has a little charm for itself. At this point I wasn't feeling too great and was keen to go and get myself a private room. Damien was happy with the idea too so we scouted out a decent hotel and checked in.

Curiosity rover: Why is Nasa so curious about Gale Crater?

Early on Monday morning, Nasa's Curiosity rover will attempt a hazardous landing on the Martian surface. It will take seven minutes from the capsule hitting the top of the atmosphere at six kilometres per second to the van-sized vehicle being placed gently on the ground.

A heat shield to withstand heating to 1,600C, the largest and strongest supersonic parachute yet built, and finally a new piece of kit called the Sky Crane will all be used.

Our History Boone County home to Birthplace of Paleontology

The gigantic bones found long ago in southwestern Boone County shook the minds and beliefs of top scientists east and west of the Atlantic Ocean in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Europeans and Americans had never seen the likes of the massive skeleton of extinct mastodons until French Capt. Charles Lemoyne de Longueil came upon them during a 1739 military expedition at a place called Big Bone Lick.

The bones, molars and tusks that belonged to vanished mastodons and woolly mammoths forced the country’s future third president, Thomas Jefferson, and scientists around the world to recast their beliefs about the workings of nature and the very concept of extinction. Jefferson and others couldn’t comprehend that God, in creating the perfect world of nature, allowed a type of creature to vanish forever.

Arheologii au descoperit ciocolata de acum 2.500 de ani

Arheologii au anuntat ca au descoperit urme de ciocolata vechi de 2.500 de ani in peninsula Yucatan. Aceasta este prima data cand se gasec reziduuri de ciocolata pe o farfurie si nu intr-o cupa, ceea ce ar sugera ca aceasta ar fi putut fi folosita drept condiment sau sos, alaturi de mancare solida.

Expertii stiau de mult ca boabele si pastaile de cacao au fost utilizate in culturile pre-hispanice la prepararea bauturilor rezervate elitei, scrie Telegraph.