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miercuri, 15 august 2012

Highest Possible Resolution Color Images Achieved

This is an enlargement of
 an image just 50x50 micrometers, 
printed at the highest definition possible.
The highest possible resolution images — about 100,000 dots per inch — have been achieved, and in full-color, with a printing method that uses tiny pillars a few tens of nanometers tall. The method, described today in Nature Nanotechnology, could be used to print tiny watermarks or secret messages for security purposes, and to make high-density data-storage discs.

Each pixel in these ultra-resolution images is made up of four nanoscale posts capped with silver and gold nanodisks. By varying the diameters of the structures (which are tens of nanometers) and the spaces between them, it’s possible to control what color of light they reflect. Researchers at the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) in Singapore used this effect, called structural color, to come up with a full palette of colors. As a proof of principle, they printed a 50×50-micrometre version of the ‘Lena’ test image, a richly colored portrait of a woman that is commonly used as a printing standard.

New impact crater in the Canadian arctic revealed

Last week, NASA’s Curiosity Rover made its historic landing on Mars. And while scientists at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena California get ready to examine the environs of Gale crater, a new impact feature was revealed by researchers right here on Earth.

Two years ago, surveyors for the Natural Resources Canada Geo-Mapping for Energy and Minerals program noted an unusual geological feature on Victoria Island in the high Canadian Arctic. This 25 km-wide circular feature displayed signs of tilted strata, shatter cones, and fractured radial lines atypical of the region, but typical of a meteorite impact.

Sergei Aleksandrovich Tokarev

Sergei Aleksandrovich Tokarev (Russian Серге́й Алекса́ндрович То́карев, 29 December 1899 - 19 April 1985) was a Russian scientist, ethnographer, historian, researcher of religious beliefs, doctor of historical sciences, professor at Moscow State University.

Sergei Aleksandrovich Tokarev was born in Tula on 29 December 1899. He was the son of a headmaster, and in 1917 began work as a school teacher. In 1921 he entered the Faculty of Social Sciences, and in 1925 graduated with honors. From 1927 he worked as researcher at the Central Museum of Ethnology. He also worked as a researcher of the Moscow Public Library faculty of the University of Eastern Communist Workers (TAS), National Academy of History of Material Culture (GAIMK) and the main anti-religious museum.[citation needed] Tokarov left Moscow University in 1930 and went to Siberia, where he taught in several universities, undertook extensive fieldwork. published many historiographical studies and avoided any political controversy. In 1935, Tokarev received a PhD in history without a thesis.

Psychiatric setting for Euripides at Edinburgh Fest

From medieval Scotland to the modern-day Middle East, from ancient Greece to a Japanese mental hospital, the Edinburgh International Festival (EIF) is living up to a reputation for provocative theatre in its 65th year.

The TR Warszawa production "2008: Macbeth" is a stunning Polish take on Shakespeare's Scottish Play performed on a huge new stage constructed in a vast hall for the EIF at the Royal Highland Show grounds on Edinburgh's western outskirts.

Prima imagine cu Russell Crowe in ‘Noah’

O prima fotografie cu Russel Crowe in rolul profetului Noe a fost publicata in mediul online astazi. Castigatorul de premiu Oscar este surprins cu parul nearanjat deloc, barba foarte mare de culoare gri si purtand o roba alaturi de manusi fara degete.

“Noah” este un proiect pasional de care Aronfosky s-a ocupat cu foarte multa pasiune de foarte multa vreme. Regizorul lui “Black Swan” a inceput sa scrie scenariul in anul 2004. La putina vreme dupa ce au inceput filmarile din Islanda luna trecuta, acesta a scris foarte incantat pe Twitter: “Visez la asta de cand aveam 13 ani. Si acum a devenit realitate Genesis 6:14 #noah”.

Totusi, regizorul nominalizat la Oscar a spus ca interpretarea sa personala in privinta celui care a construit celebra arca este cu totul diferita de ceea ce este descris in Vechiul Testament. A declarat pentru Los Angeles Times ca Noe din filmul sau este un om care va fi distrus de vina faptului ca este singurul supravietuitor dupa o inundatie extrem de mare.

Baywatch star Donna D'Errico left bloody and bruised after 'major fall' as she searched for Noah's Ark in Turkey

Former Baywatch star Donna D'Errico has been left battered and bruised following a dangerous fall while hiking in Turkey.

The onetime Playboy Playmate Of The Month was fulfilling a lifelong dream to hunt for Noah's Ark on Mount Arat when she suffered a 'major fall'.

But despite her injuries the 44-year-old has vowed to complete the final two days of her trip.

It isn't the first problem she's encountered, with D'Errico warned she was in 'serious danger' from Kurdistani terrorist group the PKK at one point.