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joi, 4 aprilie 2013

Congestion in the Earth's mantle

The Earth is dynamic. What we perceive as solid ground beneath our feet, is in reality constantly changing. In the space of a year Africa and America are drifting apart at the back of the Middle Atlantic for some centimeters while the floor of the Pacific Ocean is subducted underneath the South American Continent. "In 100 million years' time Africa will be pulled apart and North Australia will be at the equator," says Prof.

The Step Pyramid of Djoser at Saqqara in Egypt - The Primary Pyramid Structure

The Great Step Pyramid of Djoser, which dominates his complex at Saqqara near Cairo in Egypt, has been thoroughly studied in recent decades. Unfortunately, its examination has created just about as many questions as answers. These investigations have shown that its construction plan was changed several times, and that the pyramid's current form is the result of a long process of development that included both experimentation and improvised elements. This pyramid is considered to be the evolutionary basis of all later pyramids in Egypt. Initially, the structure took the form of a mastaba (stage M1), which was gradually enlarged, first equally on all four sides (stage M2), and then only on the east side (stage M3). During this latter stage, the mastaba already had a step shape. However, the step-shaped mastaba was finally rebuilt in two stages, first as a four-step pyramid (stage P1) and finally as a six-step pyramid (stage P2).

Imhotep - arhitectul faraonului Djoser

Arhitectura străveche, cea Neolitică, până la perioada Antichității, probabil cel mai mare semn de întrebare ridicat umanității. Un moment al istoriei mondiale ce încă a păstrat multe și nenumărate mistere, de la creație, modul de execuție și rolul programului arhitectural în sine, dar și a realizatorilor acestor monumente și construcții megalitice.

De asemenea primul arhitect cunoscut al umanității este un mister, mai ales datorită zonei sale de naștere, Egipt. Numele lui este Imhotep, dar adesea este cunoscut și sub numele de: Im-hotep, Ii-em-Hotep.