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vineri, 29 martie 2013

E. A. Wallis Budge - Legends of the Gods

THE welcome which has been accorded to the volumes of this Series, and the fact that some of them have passed into second and third editions, suggest that these little books have been found useful by beginners in Egyptology and others. Hitherto the object of them has been to supply information about the Religion, Magic, Language, and History of the ancient Egyptians, and to provide editions of the original texts from which such information was derived. 

There are, however, many branches of Egyptology which need treatment in a similar manner in this Series, and it has been suggested in many quarters that the time has now arrived when the publication of a series of groups of texts illustrating EGYPTIAN LITERATURE in general might well be begun. Seeing that nothing is known about the authors of Egyptian works, not even their names, it is impossible to write a History of Egyptian Literature in the ordinary sense of the word. The only thing to be done is to print the actual works in the best and most complete form possible, with translations, and then to put them in the hands of the reader and leave them to his judgment.

China to build two more Antarctic research stations by 2015

BEIJING, March 29 (Xinhua) -- China is planning to build two new research stations in Antarctica by 2015 and site inspections are already being conducted by an expedition team, the State Oceanic Administration (SOA) said Thursday.

A summer station that can be used from December to March will be set up between the existing Zhongshan and Kunlun Stations to provide replenishment and other logistical support, the SOA said.

Алферов: основная проблема науки в РФ - невостребованность результатов

"Основная проблема российской науки - не только в ее по-прежнему низком финансировании. Основная проблема - невостребованность обществом результатов научных исследований", - сказал Алферов.

С.-ПЕТЕРБУРГ, 28 мар — РИА Новости. Российская Академия наук (РАН) абсолютно необходима для развития страны, сказал в четверг на пресс-конференции Нобелевский лауреат академик Жорес Алферов.