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duminică, 19 august 2012

Wreck of Robert Falcon Scott’s Ship Terra Nova Discovered

A century after Robert Falcon Scott’s ill-fated trek to the South Pole, the ship that brought him to Antarctica has been found off the coast of Greenland. SS Terra Nova sank into the North Atlantic while carrying supplies during World War II.

One hundred years ago, British explorer Robert Falcon Scott died on an Antarctic ice shelf after a failed attempt to be the first to reach the South Pole. SS Terra Nova, the former whaler that had carried Scott’s expedition to Antarctica, sailed home without its captain and resumed its humble career as a seal fishing ship. Four decades later, while transporting supplies during World War II, Terra Nova, too, met an untimely end in the far reaches of the planet, sinking off the coast of Greenland after hitting ice.

Einstein discovered that gravity is not a force but a curvature

Albert Einstein called it “the happiest thought” of his life.

It was almost certainly the most revolutionary — and that, in the case of Einstein, is saying a lot.

At the time, the young scientist was struggling to broaden the framework of his special theory of relativity, which explains the behaviour of bodies in constant motion with respect to each other but does not account for acceleration, deceleration or the effects of gravity.