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miercuri, 12 septembrie 2012

Film’s next wave? With Kon-Tiki and The Deep, Nordic maritime survival gets its cinematic moment

“We wanted to get to know Thor a little better.” Not a line one hears often, even in the inflated-ego world that is the Toronto International Film Festival. “Because he’s probably the most professional PR man Norway has ever seen.”

Not the Norse god, then, but Thor Heyerdahl, the scientist-adventurer who in 1947 set out to prove that the mid-Pacific Polynesian islands had been colonized 1,500 years earlier by Peruvians who drifted 8,000 westward on balsa-wood rafts. His method, simple and possibly suicidal: Construct a balsa-wood raft, place it off the coast of Peru, climb aboard — and wait.

Beyond Chichen Itza: Less traveled Maya sites

For longtime travelers to the Yucatan, the 2012 mythology that has taken hold brings a delicious irony: Worldwide attention is finally turning from the Yucatan's white-powder beaches and sequestered all-inclusives to the remnants of the "lost civilization" buried under the jungle that drew the first travelers to Mexico's mysterious southern peninsula after New York writer John Lloyd Stephens and illustrator Frederick Catherwood recounted their explorations in the mid-19th century.


Was it real or is it just a myth? So many attention seekers have exaggerated or distorted the story that it has become synonymous with a "Fantasy" or an impossible quest.
Real or Myth?

Could Atlantis have existed as an actual country?  The answer could be yes.  Is it likely that Atlantis really existed exactly as described in Plato’s writings?

Gas Cloud Hurtling toward Milky Way's Black Hole May Harbor Young Star

A gas cloud that is careering towards the supermassive black hole at the centre of the Milky Way may be the visible trail of a planet-forming disk surrounding a young, low-mass star, astrophysicists propose.

Modeling work by Ruth Murray-Clay and Avi Loeb of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, Massachusetts, suggests that planets can form within the powerful gravitational field of a giant black hole. And it heightens expectations about what astronomers might learn as the cloud nears the galaxy’s biggest black hole — an event expected to cause a spectacular light show that could begin as early as next year. The model is published today in Nature Communications.

Lost City of Atlantis

I am here to start a topic of the 4,000 year old Lost City of Atlantis.

People believe that this mythical place was found in Spain & Alaska, my question is was this city this big to be found in both Spain & or Alaska some also say that this amazing city was brought down by a Tsunami then another person brought up this topic again saying that the city was brought down by the worlds biggest volcano that irrupted.

Now whether or not these two topics are true or made to be true why has the government tryd to find this lost city, if this city is suppose to be the greatest city ever made with all these statues ever made that are so calld still standing under the sea/sand of this world what is stopping them from searching for the whole city instead of saying they have found some of it.

The origin of fiction

Films, computer games and novels have only come into existence thanks to medieval writers who used their imagination to create novels. New research reveals the surprising historical process behind fiction.

Today we are perfectly aware that crime fiction and other novels are based purely on imagination. We know full well that characters like Harry Potter aren’t real and that Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson never actually walked the streets of London.

However, had these books been published in the Middle Ages, their readers would have thought that the stories about Harry, Holmes and Watson were real – simply because there were books about them.