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marți, 10 iulie 2012

Milky Way Galaxy at Its Best in July Night Sky

It's possible that most people on Earth have never seen the Milky Way, the galaxy in which we live. The Milky Way used to be a part of every human's life experience, but now that the majority of mankind lives in cities, with their light pollution, the Milky Way is rarely seen.

Our Milky Way galaxy is at its best for the next couple of weeks, but most of you will need to make a special effort to see it. It will probably require a drive of an hour or more to reach a dark enough location, where the Milky Way will be visible. Then it will require another 20 minutes for your eyes to become adjusted to the dark.

Locul unde au fost 100.000 de canibali si au ramas 8.412 braconieri

In cadrul unei actiuni de anvergura, o echipa de oceanografi francezi si-a incheiat recent expeditia de cercetare a insulelor Marchize, o zona cunoscuta pentru pozitia ei izolata si avand faima unui ecosistem inchis.

Pozitia geografica a insulelor, situate la 1600 km nord-est de Tahiti, face ca arhipelagul Marchizelor sa fie considerat unul din locurile cele mai bine conservate din lume - noteaza Le Figaro.

"Ноев ковчег" может искать каждый

Из аэропорта "Уфа" стартовала экспедиция "От Арарата до Олимпа – путь к миру", посвященная VI Международным детским играм 2013 года. Ее участники намерены найти обломки Ноева ковчега, который по библейскому преданию причалил к Арарату во время Всемирного потопа

Time to toast our Boson buddies

YOU MUST understand, someone said once, that there is pure mathematics, and applied mathematics, and a subset of that called physics, the study of the mathematics of matter and motion. And then there is astrophysics. Beyond that, theoretical physics. Beyond that, speculation. And then there is rank speculation. And far beyond that we have cosmology.

Cosmology, boiled down, is the search for order about mass, energy and motion affecting the entire universe, turning mostly around theories of the Big Bang, but also containing amusing diversions such as the Black Hole discovered by John Howard, as well as the Douglas Adams Hitchhiker trilogy in five books, and Stephen Hawking's A short history of time, which no-one has ever had the time (or inclination) to finish.

Strabon şi tracii din Grecia şi Troia

Autorii antici, mai ales cei latini şi greci, ne-au lăsat o bogată moştenire literară cu privire la strămoşii noştrii, la modul lor de viaţă, spaţiul ocupat de aceştia şi interacţiunile avute cu alte populaţii. 

Din Anatolia până în Grecia continentală şi unele insule elene, influenţa tracilor este recunoscută de cronicarii antichităţii, de la care ne parvin, peste veacuri, informaţii încă ascunse de istoria oficială. De pildă, există oare vreo legătură între traci şi troieni? Rămane să aflăm împreună în cele ce urmează…

Study in Sepia Photography at Monte Alban, Oaxaca, Mexico

We arrived at Monte Alban in the chill of an early summer morning still overcast with filtered light that bathed this monumental Zapotec archeological site.  Our photography workshop assignment this day was to capture texture and pattern, and to use both the sepia and black and white settings on our digital cameras.

Monte Alban is featured in Chicago’s Field Museum of Natural History as one of the most important civilizations of Mesoamerica.