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marți, 26 martie 2013

Researchers Reprogram Nerve Cells Directly in the Brain

Using genes inserted into two types of human cells, fibroblasts and glia cells, researchers showed that it is possible to reprogram other cells to become nerve cells directly in the brain.

The field of cell therapy, which aims to form new cells in the body in order to cure disease, has taken another important step in the development towards new treatments. A new report from researchers at Lund University in Sweden shows that it is possible to reprogram other cells to become nerve cells, directly in the brain.

Astronomers discover new kind of supernova

This artist's conception shows the suspected progenitor of a new kind of supernova called Type Iax. Material from a hot, blue helium star at right is funneling toward a carbon/oxygen white dwarf star at left, which is embedded in an accretion disk. In many cases the white dwarf survives the subsequent explosion. Credit: Christine Pulliam (CfA)

(—Supernovae were always thought to occur in two main varieties. But a team of astronomers including Carnegie's Wendy Freedman, Mark Phillips and Eric Persson is reporting the discovery of a new type of supernova called Type Iax.

Из лаборатории в США исчезла пробирка с опасным вирусом

Пробирка с опасным вирусом исчезла из научно-исследовательской лаборатории в американском городе Галвестон в штате Техас. Вирус может быть использован в качестве биологического оружия.

Как сообщает ИТАР-ТАСС, пропажа небольшой пластиковой пробирки, в которой находился малоизученный вирус Гуанарито, обнаружилась еще на прошлой неделе во время плановой инвентаризации. Пробирка хранилась под замком в морозильной камере.