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marți, 16 octombrie 2012

Pakal’s Son Kan Balam Tomb Found in Palenque

A huge archaeology discovery has been found in Palenque, Mexico. After decades of searching, the tomb of Pakal the Great’s son Kan Balam II has been discovered near the Temple of the Foliated Cross.

Has the tomb of King Kan Balam II, the son of Pakal the Great finally been found in Palenque?   Although archaeologists have been searching for this tomb for decades now, there has never been anything found of his remains.  But now that may have changed.  A group of amateur explorers has announced on several TV stations in Mexico that they have found the missing tomb near the Temple of the Foliated Cross (pictured below).  What is intriguing is that this building was constructed during the reign of Kan Balam II and was one of the places that archaeologists thought the King could be buried at.

Perhaps the most important thing about this discovery though is that ancient legends speak of the tomb being found only at the end of the 2012 calender cycle.  If this tomb has indeed been found then what will this mean to the fate of our world?  And does the chamber contain any specific warnings or preparations for us to make for the coming date of December 21, 2012?  After all, it was Kan Balam II that founded the order of Chilam Bilam and its nine degrees who were the astronomer-priests that created the 2012 prophecies.

The team has not announced much information about the discovery so far other than a few details which are listed below:

  1. The chamber is fairly large with carved ancient symbols and writing on the walls.  (none of the explorers were versed in ancient Maya language so no decoding was able to be performed)
  2. A sarcophagus similar to King Pakal the Great’s (pictured below) is in the chamber.  The lid also has highly detailed artwork similar to Pakal’s.
  3. The team was not able to remove the lid but numerous jade and other artifacts were spread outside the sarcophagus.
  4. The chamber appears to have either false doors inside it or at least two sealed doors which the team was not able to open.

3d rendition of the tomb of Kan Balam II.

Asked as to what the team plans on doing about this discovery, they replied that they are currently in the process of acquiring a lawyer to ascertain what their rights are.  Unfortunately, Mexican law forbids any archaeological discovery to be claimed by individuals and are solely the property of the national government so the team will most likely not received any compensation for the discovery.  The team did say they would reveal the location but only after making sure their rights (if any) were looked at first.

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