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joi, 2 august 2012

Derinkuyu Underground City

In Derinkuyu Turkey there is an underground city with 11 levels. It's able to hold 30-50 THOUSAND people. It has a wine cellar and stables for livestock. Each level has a huge rock circular door that can be shut from the inside to keep people out. It also has an air vent and pluming.

They say it was built/ dug in the 6th or 7th century BC. Thats a long time ago!

Only 10% of it is open to the public, and a lot of the rest isn't even excavated.

I don't know about you but this is crazy to me! Who built them, why, when? There must be some amazing minds that went into making this, not to mention the time and technology required to pull it off. I would love to be able to explore these things!

The most intriguing thing to me isn't what we've found, it's what we haven't. If there are these huge - habitable - underground cities from thousands of years ago. What else is out there that we haven't found? Could there be ancient people still living/hiding in them? Could there be unknown and undiscovered civilizations underground? What if they are afraid to open up and see if they can come out?

AND if they could make them that advanced that long ago - imagine what we could make today? I think it makes a lot of sense to make these in case of emergencies. They could even be nuclear powered and self sustainable so someone could stay down there indefinitely until when and if they could come back out.

I always think about Disneyland and how everything is really underground (the workers). I think about how I don't really know whats under me at any given time - I assume it's just earth.. hmmmmmmmmm!

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