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duminică, 10 martie 2013

I.D. Novikov: New analytic models of ”traversable” wormholes


The analytic solution of the general relativity equations for spherically symmetricwormholes are given. We investigate the special case of a ”traversable” wormhole i.e., oneallowing the signal to pass through it. The energy-momentum tensor of wormhole matteris represented as a superposition of a spherically symmetric magnetic field and dust matterwith negative matter density. The dynamics of the model are investigated. We discussboth the solution of the equation with a Λ-term and without it. Superposing enough dustmatter, a magnetic field, and a Λ-term can produce a static solution, which turns out tobe a spherical Multiverse model with an infinite number of wormholes connected sphericaluniverses. Corresponding solution can be static and dynamic.

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